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A beverage and food products manufacturer and exporter base in Thailand.


Let us know of your idea about the products you would like to sell in your local market. We can discuss together about your product details, packaging designs, indregients needed, using a wide range of Thai agricultural raw materials available here.

Do Business

Once decided, we can go into details of actually exploring and locating the sources of materials both for the products and packagings as per your specifications.

Design and Development

We can then do the actual mock up of your products in order to get estimated cost and reach the final design suitable for your designated market and to your satisfaction.

Data & Information

We provide information pertinent to designing your product, packaging and label, in accordance to local and international laws and regulations.

Decision the Products and Packaging

Finalizing products and packaging materials, including production schedule.

Documentation and Delivery

We provide services and formalities required in order to deliver all necessary goods to your home port.

At Hofsburgh, we provide a wide array of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) food and beverage products.

The safety and quality are always our top priorities. With our experiences and expertise in manufacturing, packaging, exporting and compliance with the food safety laws & regulations, your desired products will be made professionally and competently to the international standards. With our expertise in RTC (Ready-To-Cook), canned beverages, and healthy snacks, we can always assure you the top-quality products and unrivalled services. Our team of food science specialists include those with advanced studies and exposures from abroad, who can provide you with the latest updates on the current trends and technologies.


Step 1

Contact us for Information

Step 2

Give us your Details

Step 3

Get your Quotation

Step 4

Send us your Design

Step 5

Manufacturing Process

Step 6

Export your Goods